A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A Löve2D game made for the Weekend Crazy Jam celebrating the discovery of Seven Earth-size Exoplanets!

You play as the captain of the Trappist Defense Network, and the Enemy is constantly sending bombers to destroy all seven of your planets. Your only defensive weapon is the network of interplanetary lasers installed throughout the system.

Click with your mouse to fire the lasers and defend the honor of the Trappist Star System!

I made the game solo, and used music from opengameart.org. Attributions can be found in the readme.

Install instructions

Either download the build for your platform, or for multi-platform, first install Löve2D, and then download and double-click on trappist.love. The game starts immediately.


trappist-osx.zip 8 MB
trappist.love 3 MB

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